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Our Senior Technician visits you’re facility for a detailed analytical audit of the mechanical and electrical systems of your sterilizer or the sterilizer can be shipped to our facility in Raleigh, NC where it is fully disassembled and restored to extend the operational longevity of the machine.  STOCK warranties our repaired machines as new!





Apply our ICON Sterilization Management System to improve your sterilizer's process performance and control attributes. Meets or exceeds 21 CFR Part 11 criteria for system validation. Full recipe management, audit trail, and process data recording is designed on an Allen/Bradley PLC platform.


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This service can be provided for either; maintenance personnel, engineering   or    both professions.  STOCK will dispatch our Senior Service Technical and Senior Program Developer to teach the details of the electrical/mechanical aspects of the equipment and/or help your personnel fully understand each phase of the sequence of sterilizer operation.  This is a detailed course and generally takes 3-4 days to accomplish and is customized to your equipment and tailored around your time allotment for personnel involvement


STOCK’s Service group will investigate every aspect of your sterilizer including all mechanical   and   electrical systems.  Recalibration of all pertinent instrumentation as well as valve tuning and an updated training program for maintenance personnel is accomplished.  A report is generated covering every detail of this audit including items fixed or adjusted as well as immediate and possible upcoming opportunities to maintain a healthy operation of your process equipment.

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